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Premiums predominantly fall into three categories, free premiums, self-liquidating premiums and in-or on-package premiums.Free premiums are sales promotions that involve the consumer purchasing a product in order to receive a free gift or reward.New World’s Little Shopper Campaign is an example of this: consumers were required to spend a minimum amount of money in order to receive a free collectible item.The in-or out-package premium is where small gifts are included with the package.

Based on this information, several questions are addressed relating to: (1) sales response effectiveness over time, (2) effectiveness in attracting competitors’ customers, (e) interactions between premium prices and required proofs of purchase, and (4) findings of follow-up surveys as a way of analyzing promotion success. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Some models are fairly general while others serve specific purposes like launching a product or conducting a webinar.

The model you use will depend on the product or service you're selling and you'll likely have many different sales funnels within your business.

However, I think we have a limited window of opportunity, because every year, the advertising costs are going up.

Today you can still get it cheap, but in a few years?

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The Classic sales funnel model can be applied a number of ways and its design is dependent upon how and where it's applied.

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