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Enriqueta López had to take something to calm her nerves before going to Boston Garden, where a crowd of almost 20,000 was waiting to watch the 2016 finals of the World Figure Skating Championships.She and her husband Antonio Fernández had spent a nervous few days since arriving in the US city, but they were resisting the temptation to speak to their son, Javier, for fear of distracting him. In the first short program of the World Figure Skating Championships, Javier had fallen and hurt himself.The basic claim propounded by Phantom Time/New Chronology proponents (sometimes referred to as historians, which they are usually not) is that (through calendrical errors and politico-religious meddling) several centuries of fictional (manufactured) history have been inserted retroactively into the Western calendar - artificially extending modern history into a 2000 year period - by "ruling (= religious) authorities." The proponents of "Phantom Time" are "time-shrinkers." That at various times monks fabricated documents relating to Christian history is well established.

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— Julie Cecil replies: Excellent and, dare I say, timely question.

There are actually two cryptochronology theories in circulation at the moment — I'm guessing you got them mixed up, and under the circumstances, who can blame you?

In his efforts, Scaliger drew heavily on the philological and chronological work of others.) There is now an entire sector of conspiracy culture focused on what is known as alternative history (also known as revisionist history).

These are persons who claim that orthodox views of out past is not how events actually happened.

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The alternative history proponents collectively make a huge number of claims regarding the past happened differently than the way establishment historians say it did.