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During its 10-year life, the Commando was tuned and, if this is the correct word, refined to its final incarnation as the Mk III Interstate. If you know a skilled spannerman, the handling can be superb and the Commando was actually a successful endurance racer - such is the reliability that can be built into the motor.

But the problem remains the powertrain, which left Bert Hopwood's drawing board just three years after the end of the Second World War.

It is often the case that cars and bikes become good buys at the end of their production lives.

By then, the manufacturer has resolved all the bugs and added every conceivable extra.

Matchless had a long history of racing success; a Matchless ridden by Charlie Collier won the first single-cylinder race in the first Isle of Man TT in 1907.

In 1938, Matchless and AJS became part of Associated Motorcycles (AMC), both companies producing models under their own marques.

Despite its initial racing successes, the 16H was considered the "poor mans Norton" and never gained the superlative descriptions popular for the Norton racing machines.

A 16H was first offered for military evaluation in 1932, together with a Norton Model 18 and a Norton Model 19.

Then Michael has sent in photos of his CJ which has appeared on the site before, when he acquired it in an incomplete state several years back.He has gone to considerable trouble (and doubtless expense) to bring the bike up to the state it probably was in when it was first shipped to Holland.This included obtaining a set of the enclosed spring Druid forks to replace the Webbs which were fitted when he acquired it.platinum_paul ex-Bike Social Production Editor turned freelancer.Worked in bike industry for 15 years, gets fatter and slower every year.

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