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Until I see photos of him hanging around someone like Ocean did with that skinny man-girl model, I'm going with him being "provocative."Love the new single.It undermines stereotypes about gay men being soft and unmanly.[quote]I wish he'd drop the "ignorant hood nigga" act. I don’t think he comes across as an “Ignorant hood nigga” or remotely "Thuggish." At ALL. Tyler still seems uncomfortable and hiding behind humour, which is getting tired.I doubt that white posters--in this thread--are the ones saying that.He'll come out, do an apology tour for his years of hateful, homophobic slurs, go on Oprah to talk about howblack culture made him act homophobic outwardly, and then publicly ask for forgiveness.“Tyler’s shows are must see TV for his loyal audience and we are excited to offer up a brand-new comedy and more episodes of their favorite Tyler dramas on OWN.” delivered 3.6 million viewers (L 3) and ranked as the night’s #1 cable telecast for women.The series consistently ranks as Tuesday night’s #1 original cable series among women as well as primetime’s #1 original series for African-American women and total viewers.Tyler Perry has played a big role in the ratings turnaround at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, and the network continues to bank on content from the prolific filmmaker and series creator and producer with another big episodic order under their exclusive agreement.meets back up with Curtis and Ella Payne (stars La Van Davis and Cassi Davis reprising their roles) who are trying to enjoy their retirement in Florida only to get roped into a real estate deal that will tumble their lives like clothes in a dryer.

TMZ reports that Moore had been on a respirator for over a week.Plus, Steven opens up about his disagreement with Aerosmith after signing on to American Idol.We’ve got the scoop on Tyler Perry’s upcoming appearance on “The Real.” Perry, who wears many hats, from producer to director to actor, revealed what it is like to take on the role of new dad. And I’m able to give him all the love and all the things that I never had. It’s amazing." Aman has two very famous godmothers: Oprah Winfrey and Cicely Tyson! He teased “not bad,” adding, “Cicely Tyson is his godmother, too, so I have to say that or she’ll get me.To Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Lake Sunapee is a place so perfect it could be a movie set.Tag along on a tour of his New Hampshire hideaway and see where he met his musical soul mate, guitarist Joe Perry, for the first time.

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If you spend your time wondering and complaining about this and why this isn’t right and that isn’t right, you're just wasting your time.