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Each user has a personal Zune Tag, which corresponds with his Xbox Live Gamer Tag if he has one.Zune Social allows two Zunes to send songs wirelessly, but with extensive DRM restrictions. - Zune Windows XP SP3 : Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library Runtime Error! C:\Program Files\Zune\This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. I have my home folder shared with the guest and set the zune library to monitor my Music, Videa, etc folders on the shared drive (shown as X:\ in the guest). I've tried opening and closing Zune after changing the library locations, rebooting, dragging and dropping the files from explorer windows to the zune library. I also couldn't "reverse sync" by copying files off my Zune as a guest to the library, although the library did see my Zune.I don't want to try a sync in case I can't get music back on my Zune and I music in my ears. UPDATE: No media files from the share can be opened in the guest.The new version had kept my location within the podcast (which I looked at before doing the update in case it didn't). The restart notice comes via a Windows Update dialogue box rather than from Zune itself. Any thoughts on why a distinct library folder for Podcasts is created? I am aware that the Zune software is used by a lot of people specifically for finding, listening to, and organizing podcasts.Overall, I am perceiving it as continued investment by Microsoft in the Zune platform, which I'm glad to [email protected]: Yeah you are right...

It's added to the User folder and all subsequent podcasts downloaded through Zune are placed there.

Describes the steps necessary to connect and deploy a game to your Zune device using XNA Game Studio Connect.

XNA Game Studio allows you to easily create games for your Zune device, Windows-based computer, and Xbox 360 console.

Zune Marketplace Software offers music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and music videos.

The Zune Social is a service integrated with Xbox Live that allows users to manage friends, send messages, and compare music.

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The Zune software is used to manage the Zune, and runs exclusively on Windows XP and later.

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