X men pietro and x 23 dating fanfiction cost running dating site

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X men pietro and x 23 dating fanfiction

Storm I believe she'd be attracted to Pete's strong sense of responsibility and the fact he's just about the most decent guy in the Marvel universe, next to Captain America of course. Lol I don't think Storm and Spidey would work or X-23. I really wish Marvel would entertain the idea of Spidey and more superheroines together.

I could see Carol, and Jen for a brief while, because no one can hold down She Hulk for long. They already got rid of the marriage to make for a "hip young Spider-Man" so why not let him have a go at the ladies of the Marvel U?

crossovers with other MCU and Marvel fandom pairings for the Soulmate Alternate Universe, especially rarepairs. If you don’t already know, the premise of this AU is that the first words soulmates say to each other appear somewhere on the skin of each partner, in the handwriting of the other. cast with various Avengers, X-Men and other MCU characters.

And, because I am trying to challenge myself to get a bit less long-winded and carried away by the plot fairies every time I write, each pairing chapter (possibly the odd triad) in this fic is intended to be no more than 1,000 words (some may be a lot less).

(he teleports next to her; she gasps) We're right beside you. [Cyclops and Spyke look at her blankly.] Oh, right. [to Jean] Like, what is it with guys and explosions anyway? Professor X: You've been carrying a terrible burden for many years, Mystique.

(he teleports agains on the opposite side of her) Popcorn? Rogue's recent contact with you seems to have given her some of your darker memories; nightmares about a very unfortunate incident involving an infant.

For starters, some of these pairings I would never have imagined, and even the ones I’m fully behind?

Occasionally, when there are three soulmates involved, the word limit goes up, but still, this is a tour de force.

(she looks up at Logan)Note: Jean's mental abilities of telepathy and telekinesis being drastically augmented to tremendously incalculable power levels is foreshadowing the inevitable emergence of the almighty Phoenix Force entity lying within her subconscious mind.

Let's face it, Peter Parker has never had the best luck with women.

This is why I've taken it to devise a list of Marvel girls perfect for our favorite Web-Head!

Shadowcat: You know, I could just, like, phase through it and short it out quietly? Secrets...elements of surprise some you are ready to deal with. In the future I will try to do better knowing which is which!

But please understand there are many challenges in your future!

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They had a fairly good date once, granted it was the result of a bet but still. What are your thoughts about my selection of each one?